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Sometime soon, maybe today, I am going to be going live with a Patreon.
This project will be able to see if I can do a monthly product that uses my own designs. But what does my company have to do with Patreon? Well, my company is me and I am focusing on creating amazing content for Magic: The Gathering. Primarily; amazing tokens and other game accessories! I want to do a different series of tokens each year and provide my amazing patrons with awesome physical copies. Each month I will create 5 new tokens with 1 of them being exclusive just to Patreon. For patrons of higher tiers that get more tokens, they will receive tokens from previous months, including Patreon exclusives. I love trading card games and want to enrich the gameplay of them, which is why I really need your help to get these tokens to you, as well as a fellow player.
Hopefully, this all works and go well, I really want to get the company name out there and do a large amount of work to showcase my skills. I guess we will see how well it works out. There is a lot of logistics things I have had to figure out to produce this. Shipping and overhead, and the like. I think the biggest issue is getting all the costs figured out right, which is not something I can really do, only estimate, before I get a few months done.
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