a one-man team

I’m Robert, head-designer for Amaranth Alchemy. I have been a hobbyist of graphic design since I was ten and have spent my adult years doing professional design. My focus for design is creating solid but creative designs but with a flair for the fantastic.

Amaranth means ever-lasting flower, or undying. Alchemy is the mythical pseudo-science of creating perfection through abstract design, sort of like how graphic design works. That is part of the goal for the designs I make. I want them to be a close to eternal as possible, making them up to date but still striving to keep it working for years. That is why here in the lab, we strive to brew up the best creative solutions around.

I provide designs to upcoming, independent developers and small businesses to turn their products into the polished or printed spectacle they know it can be. With my expertise in the field, I will help guide you through the many different stages of development. My company can take you from design notes to published PDF, website, or solid brand.


I’ll guide you from X to Y, to Z. By guiding you through the whole process, as well as having a host of contacts throughout the multiple industries, Amaranth Alchemy is able to provide unique one-stop shop experience.

Brewing Creativity

Our mission is to aid independent and upcoming developers and small businesses in their creative endeavors as it concerns User Experience, Web, User Interface, Brand, and Design assets. We want to provide the most fantastical designs while enriching the market with wonderful and amazing user experiences; to be the premier studio for your market.

Social Media

You can find out more about Robert on his social media channels and his Discord server.
Twitter @RealBaerthe
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