Type of DesignAvg. Price
Flat Vector Icon or Avatar
Complex Raster Icons or Avatars$45
A handful of Simple Vector Flat Icons/UI elements$20
Small Website$150
Small Assets for a Tabletop Game$35
Booklet or App Interface$200
Small Business Logo or Personal Branding$70
Streamer/Twitch/Youtube Channel Banners/Branding$150

Here in the lab, we want to provide all of our clients with top quality work, sometimes this can be hard if the client can’t get a good estimate of how much something may cost. To help with this I’ve come up with a bit of a baseline price for most of the assets that I create. Below is a table that should give you an idea of what certain commissions could cost you. These prices are just guidelines and can be more or less depending on complexity and how quick you need it done. Once you have an idea of how much something might cost, feel free to contact me to request a quote so that we can solve your design needs as quickly as possible!