Discover an Alchemical Answer!

Woah there! It appears you have stumbled upon Amaranth Alchemy LLC; a graphic design and art studio based out of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area with a strong representation of pacific northwestern style and a focus on nerd culture. We do a lot of work in the tabletop and gaming space, but also focus our efforts in helping content creators and streamers achieve their goals! Be it a single emote, logo, leaflet or one hundred, we dive straight into the lab to satisfy your design needs in a timely and professional manner.

Our goal is always to design a pathway from problem to solution. Often this can be achieved by working together, co-design. You and your people bring the inside knowledge and experience, we bring the outside perspective and process to draw out insights. Between us lies the solutions to your challenge.

What we can bring to your project.


The ability to be flexible, move fast and efficiently while adjusting to the growing or changing demands of the project.


Get direct access to a skilled and experienced designer who can aid and build awesome solutions.


The perspective and insight that those on the inside sometimes can’t see from within a project.


Breathe easy. You don’t need to manage us, we don’t get caught in politics or red-tape.

Our focus for design is creating solid but creative solutions with a flair for the fantastical. That means we happen to do a lot of hobbyist works, especially for the world’s oldest card game’s fans. We have been designing professionally since 2016. We provide strategically forged images and assets in brand, content and collateral design to help smart businesses launch, transform, connect, and thrive in our complex digital era.


We offer support in creating branding, logos, colors and strategic design to bolster your business or image.


We bring our expertise in design to craft the perfect asset for your use; be it a simple logo or a complex set of emotes for your chat.

Digital & Print

Our work grows and shines in both print and digital mediums. From our custom designed cards to our beautiful wallpapers and post ads.

About Us

Formed from the desire to bring the most fantastical designs to the world. We have been providing quality content since 2016. We operate as both a freelance company entity for design or artwork projects in addition to creating our own merchandise and products such as stickers, game tokens, playmats, and other items targeted at the tabletop and video game demographics. Not only that, but we also create specifically a monthly line of “Magic” game tokens. We are heavily focused on the graphic design and user experience feel of our projects, while also seeking to brighten our customers’ days by providing attractive and entertaining assets.

You can find out more about the company, or the variety of projects and products we contribute to throughout the site. We have a portfolio of projects that we have worked on as well as having a gallery of “magic” contents and a gallery of artworks. Robert, also known as “Baerthe,” is the owner and primary graphic designer here at the lab while his partner Emily, “CelestialRose”, operates as our marketing manager while handling our marketplace/vendor relationships. We are located in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area in the Eastern Vancouver suburb.

Contact Us

Need help with something? Designs? Advice? We are pretty easy to get a hold of! After some brand or marketing advice? Ready to kick off a project? Fill out the form below, and you’ll hear from the Lab shortly. Other means of reaching out to us are below the form, and beneath that is a large price sheet to help get some perspective on that project! We try to get back to contacts within a business day. Please be aware, this contact form is not for solicitations of services or products, and to provide the utmost quality of services, we charge a non-refundable fee for spam or misleading emails. If you wish to discuss business-to-business cooperation or contracts, please submit an introductory email first.

Get in Touch!

Other Avenues of Contact


On Twitter (@LlcAlchemy / @RealBaerthe)
On Discord (Baerthe#0001)

Amaranth Alchemy c/o Robert
PO BOX 691
12012 NE 105th CIR
Brush Prairie, WA 98606-9597
Call or Text: ‪(971) 266-0443 (PST)

Common Pricing

The few tables below list out common pricing for commissions of us for projects. These are estimates, but it is usually what these types of projects will cost from us. Most commissions take us around one to four weeks to complete, depending on complexity; urgent projects are sometimes accepted and can be completed on tight schedules.

Prices for projects can vary!

What Kind of things can you commission me to do? Well, really anything that has to do with graphic design or art. Our prices are in USD; though we accept CAD, EURO, and a few other currencies. These prices are more of a guideline of what you can expect, often what you have in mind will fit these prices, but sometimes more complex or heavy detail work will cost more. We offer two tables for pricing, commercial and non-commercial. The difference is the ability to use the assets and designs in other works, with non-commercial we retain the rights to the asset and may resell it or use it in other mediums; with commercial, you gain broader or full rights to the design. We are also available for larger or long-term commercial and retainer work.

General Commercial Projects

All of these prices are for commercial usage and give the client the right to use the assets in production, on merchandise, in media products, etc. but do not allow them to resell the specific asset(s) themselves. We retain the rights to show off the project. Unless otherwise stated, these estimates are for static, non-animated, graphic assets. We do accept projects that use NSFW assets, but will not create NSFW content.

  • Avatar or other smaller icon $40
  • Logo Design (Streamer/Youtube)$250 1
  • Logo Design (Small/Local Business)$400 1
  • Logo Design with Three Options (Corporate)$600 to $800 1
  • Small Business Starter Kit$3000 to $5000 2
  • Business Card $100
  • Custom Sticker $85
  • Set of Five Emotes/Emoji for Twitch/Discord $503
  • Set of Nine Emotes/Emoji for Twitch/Discord $753
  • Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, etc. Banner $25
  • Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, etc. Title Cards $25 4
  • Youtube, Twitch, etc. Plaques $25
  • Card Game Frame Template $120
  • Product Packaging $300
  • Brochure Design $200 to $400
  • Simple Flyer/Ad $30 to $40
  • Digital Ad $50 to $80
  • Photo Restoration $50

1Includes three revision cycles.
2Includes logo, business cards, and custom WordPress website.
3Comes in a variety of sizes.
4Up to 5 Assets of your choice.

Non-Commercial (Hobby) Projects

All of these prices are for non-commercial personal use and not intended for resale. They are specifically for hobby use and in most situations, we retain the rights to the project wholly. Playtest cards are sometimes called proxies, they are replicas of existing designs but are labeled differently. All of these designs will be added to my various shops once completed unless you specifically ask me not to, which may change the price.

  • Custom Sticker $45
  • New Custom Token Art on an Existing Frame $30 1
  • New Custom Token Art on a New Frame $60 1
  • Alter Sleeve for MTG $35 2
  • Custom Playtest Card $20 to $70 3
  • Playtest Cards (Your Art) $20 per 5 Designs
  • Existing Playtest Design/Cost of print $20 per block of 18 prints
  • The above but in Foil +$1 per print
  • Custom Wallpaper and Signed Playmat $75 4

1Comes with 4 non-foil card prints.
2Comes with 1 non-foil print.
3Depends on the type of frame.
4This includes 1 print and tracked shipping.