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We have a collection of galleries of designs that Baerthe has done as Fan Content for the world’s oldest card game; either for fun or for his awesome patrons on his Patreon. They are in alphabetical order by filename. All the designs (frames, layout, et al.) are Baerthe’s, however some art is not, specifically the painted art. 

All rights to their respective owners. But are you looking for the freshest of our MTG content? Then you might want to check out Baerthe’s MTG Patreon page that offers exclusive early access to play tests and physical token card rewards.


It is important to note that these pages are cached, so if you have been here before, if you want to see new cards show up you may need to clear your browser cache; Below are three categories split based on content.

Take a Gander!

Original Magic Tokens

These are designs wholly by Baerthe and consist of a gallery of tokens.

Original Playtest Gallery

This collection consists of playtest cards designed by Baerthe but also using art designed by him or a collaborating artist.

Edited Playtest Gallery

A collection of playtest designs by Baerthe using WoTC owned art for the card art.

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