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Further Website Updates

More updates keep coming, it is scary, I know.

Recently I made changes to some of the site’s functionality and as a result, I decided on removing the store. Initially, the plan for the last few days was to optimize the site and add products to the store, this would lead up to announcing the sale of items and such. However, after fiddling with WooCommerce for while, which should also be mentioned as part of the reason for moving to WordPress; I realized I do not actually want to operate the store fully locally from our company website.

Considering we already sell items across multiple marketplaces, it made more sense to consolidate things on the website. But after looking further into the legality and amount of setup/code of that, I went to reconsider other avenues. After discussing it with my marketing director and company co-owner, Emily (CelestialRose), we decided on putting more focus on improving the overall feel of the site while moving the store focus back to our initial idea, which was using Etsy.

My hope is to get up sometime this week products onto Etsy, including the Poke Hunter Monster stickers and a few other things we have not revealed yet.

So there is hope?

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